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Introducing Classic DJ the most desired app available for Professional Entertainers, Street Show Acts, Public Announcements, Wedding DJ's, Event Gatherings or just Home / Portable Entertainment anywhere.

2 Modes

- Receiver Mode: (Single Device) Controls the Music Players, Playlists and outputs the mixed audio.

- Remote Mode: (2nd Device) Controls the "Receiver Device" plus adds an optional Wireless Microphone capability.

Main Features

- Import Songs from your Device Music Library, iTunes File Sharing or Web Downloads via built-in Web Browser.

- Quick access to your Playlist and Player controls for fast track switching.

- Connect an additional Device to have Remote access to all the features of the player.

- 3 Channel Mixer: 2 Channels for Audio Tracks and 1 Channel for the Microphone via 2nd Device.

- Clock and Timer to keep track of the length of your performance.

- Optimized for iOS 4.3 and above. Works with iOS 4.1 and 4.2 a limited feature (see iPod faqs below).

- Connect multiple Devices via Wifi or Bluetooth.

How to

Top of the Console

Receiver Mode / Remote Mode Button - Pressing this button changes the device from Receiver Mode to Remote Mode and back from Remote Mode to Receiver Mode.

Receiver Mode: (Single Device)

Set the Device as the Player. This is the default Mode and will Play the audio from your Playlist.

Remote Mode: (2nd - 4th Device)

Set the Device as the Remote. This Mode will allow you to control the Receiver Device (above). It can also be used as a Microphone if Both Connected devices have a microphone attached. (Microphone must be turned On via the Settings page on Both Devices).
Bottom of the Console

The Player: Play, Pause, Back, Skip and Stop. When a Track is Loaded into the Player A or B these buttons will send the corresponding action to the Track.

The Playlist: Add Tracks or Load and Play the Selected Track. Pressing the "Edit Playlist A" or the" Edit Playlist B" Buttons will bring up your Music Library and Downloads Screen (see Below). Pressing the Eject Button Icon above each Playlist will do the same.

When tracks are added for the first time they need to be loaded into the player by making a copy of your track from your iPod Music Library. This must be done so you never lose your Tracks in your Playlist via syncing with Computers.

After Tracks have been added to either Playlist and it has Finished any loading You can select a track in your Playlist (see picture on the Right).

Selecting a track allows you to Play the song immediately or Que the Selected Track to have it Ready to go in the corresponding Player.
Adding Tracks

Pressing the Artist or Title Button will sort your Ipod Music Library by Artist or Track Title.

Pressing the Downloads Button will show you any Tracks Downloaded from the web or have been added via iTunes / Device / Apps /iTunes Sharing / CDJ Remote

Select a Track from your iPod Music Library or Downloads to add it to the Playlist. Each New Track added will Load One time. It can take up to 10 Seconds per minute of audio to load. Once loading has completed for each track, it can be Played.

The Web Import Button will bring up the Web Browser (see Web Browser below).
Web Browser

Importing via the Web Browser is Simple. Just Navigate to a Mp3 file you would like to add. Once a Mp3 file link has been detected, you will be asked if you would like to download the file.

Pressing the Back Button will go to the previous Page on the Web Browser.

Pressing the Forward Button will go to the Next Page on the Web Browser (if available).

Pressing the Favorites Button will Bring up your Saved Links.

Pressing the + Icon will let you choose the current page as your default Home Page or let you Save it to your Favorites Menu.
Download Que

If a File is being Downloaded, the Downloads Que Button will appear. Pressing the Downloads Que Button will bring up the Current Downloads screen (see below).

Remote Mode Only

If you searching for a mp3 Audio Track with the Remote Device then your download link will be sent to the Receiver Device for download. This is Necessary Since only the Receiver Device can play Audio. The Receiver Device will need to be Connected to the Internet to Download.
Current Downloads

You can View the remaing Downloads here.

Pressing the Cancel All Downloads Button will Stop all Downloads.

Pressing the Resume All Downloads Button will Restart the Pending Downloads.
Connecting Devices

To Use this feature you must have two Devices with the Classic Dj Pro Software. One Device needs to be in Receiver Mode (required to play the audio) and One Device needs to be in Remote mode.

Pressing the Start Button will allow the Connections to be made between Devices. Once you start a Connection you can manually Stop it by Pressing the Stop Button.

Auto Start Connection can be set to On to allow the Devices to Connect automatically whenever the app becomes active. Setting this to the On Position is recommended if you are going to be Connecting Devices.

Current Wifi: If you are Connected to a Wifi Router then the Network Name (SSID) will appear next to the Wifi Icon (see picture on the right).

Bluetooth can be turned on via the Setting Icon / Advanced Settings (see Advanced Settings below).
Enable the Microphone

Both Devices Must have a Microphone. It can be a built-in or attached via a pair of Head Phones with a Microphone.

You Must also Enable the Microphone via the Settings Page on Both Devices (see picture to the right).

Every time your Devices Reconnect, the Microphone will be on Mute by Default.
Using the Microphone

Once the Microphone is Enabled and the Devices have Connected, the Microphone Icon will appear on the bottom of the console (see image on the right). Press the Microphone Icon to bring up the Microphone Volume Controls

Mute / Un-Mute Button will turn the microphone On and Off.

Sliding the Microphone Volume Slider to the Right will increase the Volume of the Microphone. Sliding it to the Left will Decrease the Microphone Volume.




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