Taxi Meter Pro

Taxi Meter with Reports


Full Featured Taxi Meter with Reports
(Plus Activity Logging and Report Printouts)

For iPod, iPhone and iPad

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Taxi Meter

Keep track of all your Taxi Expenses. Stay on route with the built in Map.

Taxi Meter Features

- Track your Mileage and Fare.

- Log Activity.

- View and Print Individual Job Reports.

- Local Map with Special Zoom Presets.

- 2 Map Modes. North heading. Forward Heading.

- Real Time, Milage and Price Calculation.

- Idle Time.

- Add Notes.

- Voice Assistant.

- Screen Saver.

- MPH & km/h.

How to

Top of the Screen

Start / Stop - Pressing the Start Button will start the meter. Pressing the Stop Button will stop the meter. When you stop the meter, a saving option will come up. Press save if you would like to store the metered fare in your log.

Settings - Pressing the Settings Button will bring up the Pricing and Sound Options.

Reset - Pressing the Reset Button will clear the Mileage and the Fare Price. You can Reset while Running the meter also.

My Location - Pressing this will retrive your Current Location.

While the meter is running, your Current Location will be retrived automatically when the car stops or is driving slow.

3D Icon - Switches the Map between North Up and Heading Up.

Car Icon - Zooms the Map to car level.

House Icon - Zooms the Map to housing level.

Block Icon - Zooms the Map to block level.

Logs Icon - Brings up your log with the taxi history
Logs - Open up the Log List.

Map - Open Map.

Screen Saver - Press on the speed or heading to enable the black screen saver / battery saver.

Press again to disable it.
Logs Screen

Entrys - A Breif summery of each log are displayed in this search result. You can tap on an Entry to get more details.
Details Screen

Details - A full summery of the selected log.

Share Icon - You can Print or Delete this entry.

Notes - You can add additional notes by taping on the note text area.
Settings Screen

Edit - Press Edit on the price you want to adjust.

Sound - Turn the sound On or Off.

MPH & km/h - Pressing this icon will switch between Miles Per Hour and Kilometers Per Mile.




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